Name: Nicholas Hunter Brooks

Weight 66Kg - Feather Weight

Height 1.83m - 6 '1"

Black Belt 2nd Degree - Roger Gracie

Blue Belt December 21st 2004

Purple Belt September 19th 2006

Brown belt September 19th 2007

Black belt October 31st 2009

Nick Brooks joined the Roger Gracie academy on the day it opened Febuary 2004, On the recomendation of long time friend and Robin Gracie Black Belt Joao Santos at the time Joao was a blue belt,

After just a month of training Rogers instructor Carlinhos Gracie Jr held a seminar to open the academy officially,On the seminar Carlinhos taught 2 sweeps and a submission from the de la Riva guard and mentioned a student which was very good at this guard! which fascinated me so with a little research i realized the student he was talking about was Braulio Estima! who througha mutial friend was teaching very close to my mother inlaw and as Roger had no class on this evening decided to go and train withthis Instructor which continued for 2 1/2 years,

I also decided to compete in Brazil so went to the de la Riva academy in cocacabana at Equipe1, Where de la Riva himself was taking the classes,

With Roger Gracie, Braulio Estima & de la Riva as my inspiration my game of Jiu Jitsu was forged, And in the coming years and after training and Competing in Brazil over many years the de la Riva academy became my second Home,

Now every year de la Riva visits my academy to instruct my students,